May 8th, 2010

Monica Rzemien

Dear Monica,
Ten years ago, I had followed advice to seek an broker who had numerous "For Sale" signs in the TMR area in which my sister - the other last family survivor - had lived years alone in the family home up to her sudden death.
You had hung a "For Sale" sign and undertaken all the paper work with the town, etc. Several individuals and their brokers immediately showed interest. You sold her house in three days!
In 2010, now eighty-seven years old and twice widowed, I consulted you for advice again. I had lived alone for years in a big house, some 10 miles from your office. It was a tremendous relief when you proposed instead to become my broker.
While I struggled with the move to a seniors' residence, still further west on Lakeshore, you obtained data on the values obtained by similar properties sold in my area - and you even lent a hand with packing and unpacking.
Again you accomplished the unlikely. You sold my house in three days. How grateful I feel to you.
Joan M. Bailin

Joan M. Bailin